Avoid Bad Debts with better Credit Management

  • Veripay's Credit Management Service uses a proven electronic system used around the world that employs a "pay-to-use" service.. Ie no cash, No wheels deal
  • Veripay's service helps turn slow payers and those with low credit scores into good paying customers
  • Our solution addresses the problems of Non-payment and under payments.

More Business with Fewer Hassles

Veripay helps to qualify potential customers for purchases and finance programs that they otherwise wouldn't qualify for.

Veripay virtually eliminates customer-staff conflict from the collections process, improving staff morale and customer satisfaction

Veripay is a full-service solution making it extremely simple to incorporate into your company's existing lending and collections processes

Real Cost Benefits to Your Business

  • Unlike GPS based systems, our service has no geographic limitations and will work everywhere. Avoid costly recovery bills, legal action and Government Agency investigations.
  • Cost neutral to your business. The benefits of Veripay's service go straight to your bottom line. This means increased cash flow, and reduced collection costs for your business.
  • Avoid unnecessary losses by tracing GNA customers thru their phone numbers and by preventing vehicles from being used and abused where the customer is in default of their loan obligations
  • Veripay's Service provides proof of timely repayments, resulting in higher cashflow, and lower arrears and repossession rates.

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